all caught up!

Today I spent most of the day getting caught up with little things around the, unpacking, organizing...I cleaned out, or re-organized the laundry closet, and the spice cabinet. I did our weekly grocery shopping, and went to the laundry mat to do a load of laundry...I can't wait for our washer to be fixed!

Yesterday I came home from a nice long weekend with my family and some of my friends! It was so wonderful spending time with everyone, but just as wonderful to be home last night!

Saturday, I spent the day with Chantel, and a little time with Tara too! I haven't seen these girls since May!! This visit was long over due! My hair stylist, Chantel, did a great job on a MUCH needed hair cut, and we were able to hang out and just catch up the rest of the day! We made a trip over to Tara's place too! It's looking so nice, and hopefully she'll be able to move in soon! Chantel and I had lunch at the Boulevard (the best place ever for a burger and onion rings!) Then, dinner at Logan's Roadhouse...we don't have one around here, so I enjoy the chance to go there as well! the company was the best part though! I miss you girls so much!

Friday was an wonderful day!!! (Happy Birthday day little brother!!)
Mom and Renee and I spent the entire day together!
First stop, the Amish store...I had a nice long list of spices that I wanted to pick up from the store, and left it at home! I was able to pick up most everything on my list though, and I really enjoy shopping there! It was Renee's first time, I think she may be hooked!
Mom took us out to breakfast after to a nice little coffee shop in Clare (can't remember the name of it) It was a perfect breakfast though! Broccoli Quiche, cranberry scone with lemon curd, and fresh fruit...EVERYTHING made from scratch! It was delicious!
We made our way to Bay City and spent a couple hours at the antique shop, one of mom and I's favorite places to go, and we had so much fun taking Renee along with us!
We had a nice little lunch accross the street and then headed home so Renee could make Al's birthday dinner.

Thursday morning I headed down to Coleman, and went right to Jenn's house to spend the day with her. We had great plans (as we usually do) to get some scrappin' done, but...that never happens! Although, we did get some projects started, we spent more time just chatting and catching up. It's been nearly a year since I've really spent any time with Jenn, so we were really overdue!
We had a wonderful time. It was great to actually visit with her in person. The internet is a wonderful thing, and a great way to stay in touch with people, but it's just not the same as hanging out with a friend.
I was asked to tag along with Jenny's bible study group Thursday night. They had a trip planned to Saginaw to see Dena...I'm so thankful that I was able to go with them, I was really hoping to see Dena before the babies (twins...and, yeah I know you can't hardly tell she's even pregnant in the picture...sickening, isn't it!!) are born! She's doing great, looks great and the babies are safe and growing! She's at 30 weeks, 2 days in this picture!
Thank you ladies, for letting me go along!
I think I'm all caught up now! Hopefully I'll get back in the grove of posting every day again! I really have missed posting every day!!!

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  1. Great post!
    Great pics!
    Great weekend!
    Oh, the little cafe'in Clare:
    The Mulberry Cafe
    (yay for lemon curd!)