Jenn and Andy came up to visit this weekend! We had a great time, not doing much, but lots of chit chat time!
Saturday Jenn and I hung out at the house and made laundry soap (she's been wanting to learn how, so we made her a batch!) and looked at photo albums, and talked about a little of everything. The boys headed over to the gun range for a few hours....They must have had a good time..they were gone for a while!
We made a pork loin and cheesy potatoes and asparagus for dinner (YUM) and oreo brownies for dessert.
We watched a movie and went to bed. So, like I said...nothing thrilling..but, a great time nonetheless.
Sunday morning we slept in a little, Dustin and I shoveled the driveway (yeah, another 6-8 inches of snow last night!) and came in to a warm house smelling like blueberry pancakes! I made a breakfast bake Saturday night that I tossed in the oven before we went out...It was awesome. Thank you Laura for the recipe! It's a keeper!
After breakfast we hung out for a little bit, and then Jenn and Andy took off!

Dustin and I spent a couple more hours together before he packed up for Ohio. He made it to Lima in about 7 hours.
He start work tomorrow. His first day at American Trim.

I can't wait to hear how it goes!

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  1. Even though we didn't go out and "do" anything, we still had a GREAT weekend!!!! It was soooo wonderful just to hang out with you and catch up. It's so much nicer to talk in person :) Andy had a lot of fun hanging out with Dustin too! Thank you so much for being such an awesome hostess...I'm thinking it's a good thing you don't live to close...I'd want to come over for dinner every night...and breakfast too ;) Thank you also for showing me how to make laundry soap. I can't wait to use it...other than that means I have to do laundry! I'm glad that you and Dustin got to spend some time together before he took off yesterday (we were hoping you would) and glad to hear he made it to Lima safe and sound. Hope he has a great first day! Thank you again for having us over this weekend. I'm so grateful that we got the chance to spend some time together. Love you much and miss you already!!