Things are quiet around here with Dustin being gone.
Just Oakley and I, hanging out...little bit of computer time, craft time, tv time, exercise, and just plain old veggin' out.
We are doing great though, and anxious to have the man of the house back this weekend (I know that's still three days away!)

Dustin has nothing but great things to say about his new job, and the company as a whole! He's already working on some projects...and, very excited that he get to do some hands-on work again!
I can't wait to hear more about it when he gets home.

He has also been busy trying to find a place for us to live down there. Still no luck, but he's not giving up! There are just not many rentals in the area, and we are hoping to rent a house rather than an apartment if possible. He has met a wonderful realtor though, and she has been a huge help! She gave Dustin a "welcome to the neighborhood" packet today that is an inch thick! That will be a great reference for us, I'm sure! She grew up in the Lima area, and offered her opinion on good and bad areas to live, and she is also helping in the process of finding a rental home. I'm so thankful that he is meeting wonderful people already!

I am still keeping up on my 365 project! I haven't missed a day yet! I love how my album is turning out too! I haven't posted photos in the past few days though because I'm to lazy to load them on Dustin's computer! :) You see, D's computer is also our T.V. so, I sit here and surf the internet, update my blog and all that good stuff, from the comfort of a lazy boy, viewing a 52 inch screen. I have to's a pretty good set up (until you want to plug in your SD card).

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  1. I know I'm enjoying your daily updates even though there aren't any pics! :)