Yesterday I finally completed my training for Edward Jones! (I actually was about four weeks ahead of schedule!) My mentor, Chris, sent me some beautiful flowers when she found out that I had passed the last test, and was all done with training! What a sweet person, they are beautiful!
I came home and found two valentine cards in the mail too! I love that! I always love "snail" mail!
Dustin talked to the company in Ohio again, we should be receiving a job offer either today or tomorrow! This is great news! Now, our prayer is that it is something that we feel we can accept (we don't really have doubts, but you never know!)
I met Kim for coffee this morning! That was so nice. Again, I'm so thankful to have so many friends to talk to and spend time with.
I've been organizing piles this afternoon. I know...probably getting ahead of myself, but if I start making piles of stuff that I want to be packed together, I'll feel more prepared for when the "packing" actually starts!


  1. Sweet! Congrats on your training completion and on Dustin's upcoming job offer!!!! I'll be sad that you're in Ohio, but nothing that a drive can't fix. :) I'm so happy for you two!

  2. Ohio, huh? Well glad that you have something in the "hopper" so to say. Bummer that it will be further away though..... but very happy for you both! I am sure that they have scrapbooking stores in Ohio also. LOL Will keep you both in my prayers and congrats on finished your training!! :) leah

  3. What an awesome day! Flowers and mail and new jobs! Congratulations!

  4. Lima, right...I need to ask Sep the name of that town...

  5. Congrats on the new job, we will be praying for you both and the new surroundings, making friends, finding a new church, etc etc etc, Kim