are we there yet?

lots and lots and lots of driving today!
Ohio has a lot of farm land...and this is what the majority of our drive thru the state will look much better than "the city". The farms are beautiful scenery.
Dustin and I met with the realtor at noon today. We looked at three houses. We really like one of them. Waiting to take the next step.
I drove back to Traverse City. Long drive. Very long drive. really wasn't that bad! I had good music, good weather, and a good truck. I can't complain!
It does feel good to get out and stand though...and I'm ready for a comfortable nights sleep.

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  1. LOVE the scenery! Must be alittle "farmer" left in me. Just don't let your Mom know that you were using the camera while you were driving. :o)
    Love you..
    How was the Maple Syrup and pancakes? Thanks for saving me some.