I had such a great day today with Deb and Kim!
We started off at Bud's for breakfast...then headed to the tracks to take some pictures, then to Deb's to scrapbook and have lunch!
Deb had scrapbook kit's all made for us, so all we needed to do was print our pictures and we were ready to craft!
Lunch was awesome...spinach soup, whole wheat bread and a fruit bowl! Yum!
Conversation was was so nice to catch up on happenings!
We had such a good time...we're doing it again this week!
Here are the layouts I made today with my kit contents! (Deb, your kits were awesome!)

and...a couple more shots from the day...just for fun!


  1. YAY! All these pics made me smile. "Life is good, life is fine. Life is FINE!"

  2. I saw your note on art=life and just had to come see train track pictures. how cute.