Well, I'm failing at green week!
That, and probably just distracted!

Mom has been here the last couple days, and we had a wonderful time together! So, my mind hasn't really been on photo ops...should have been, i'm sure, but it hasn't !
Wednesday night we just hung out here at the house, had a nice soup dinner and played on the internet (she still has dial up, so the high-speed is a real treat for her when she comes!)
Thursday we had breakfast at Cuppa Joe, drove around the Commons for a little bit, headed downtown to do a little window shopping and then came home to hang out. (as I'm writing this, I'm realizing how many photo ops I really had and wish I would have taken my camera with me!) After dinner Thursday we spent some time going over my new Bible study. Mom leads a study at her church (Precept Upon Precept, Covenant)and I'm going to follow along, studying on my own at home. I won't be able to make it to class, or share in the discussions, or videos..but, I'm assured that I will learn so much from the study itself, so I'm anxious for that.

Today we stopped at just a couple shops...Mom found a desk, multiple tables, a bed, a couple benches and a few other things that she drooled over for a while...they were all beautiful pieces! (we can all dream, right!)

Next, we headed to Moomers. Ice Cream!!! Today was the grand opening of the season! We were not the only ones anxious for some Moomers Ice Cream...they had a parking lot of people waiting for the doors to open! Yum Yum...Raspberry Cheesecake Icecream....can't beat that! And, we saw my friend Deb there too!

Once home, we browsed the internet a little, looks at some very inspiring books and magazines, and chatted.
I had a great time the last couple of days! Thanks so much for visiting, Mom.
Dustin is on his way home from Ohio tonight.
I just had a guy stop to do an estimate for our moving company...he will take that information and forward it on to American Trim, and when we have a place to move our things, the company will come and take care of the rest! It is an awesome service! We are so thankful to not have to do it all ourselves!
I will be following Dustin back down to Ohio Sunday. We have an appointment on Monday with our realtor to look at a couple houses. Dustin has it narrowed down to just a couple, and I'm going down to take a look at his choices. It will just be a quick trip, I have to work on Tuesday; but, it will be nice to see the places.
We are looking at the possibility of buying, still looking at rentals and keeping all of our options open...there are so many choices to make!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm doing the Covenant bible study in your Mom's class. If you ever have any comments, questions or fun things you'd like to share pass them along to me on facebook and I'll do the same to you. Then you can feel a little more a part of "class". The study has been GREAT so far and we've just begun!

  2. Im glad to hear that you and your mom had a great time love your mamma!! I'm spending the day with my mom today and looking forward to it. I hope you guys find a place soon so you can be together. Have a safe trip to Ohio and back. Love you and miss you.

  3. Ahhh, feeling wonderfully refreshed! Thanks for your love and inspiration. I had a wonderful time. Can't wait to explore Ohio. See you soon!! Mom