not much to report today:

*dad and mom came up yesterday and brought a few things that they have been storing for us. we had a great lunch at "cousin jenny's", and dessert at moomers (yum...moomers, how I'm going to miss you!) thank you guys for coming up and spending the afternoon with us!
*today we finished getting a few things ready for the movers.
*oh, that was after we shovels the 5 inches of snow in the driveway...yeah, I guess it was one last gift, to: hannah from: michigan winters
*dustin packed up a few things and headed south. last trip for him!
*i packed my bags so i have a few things for the next couple of days
*the moving company will be here between 8:00-8:30 in the morning.
*we are hoping that they get us all packed up in one day

thank you for your thoughts and prayers, i will report back as soon as i can

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