I had such a wonderful day with "the girls" today!

Deb, our morning Chai Tea was delicious, and the homemade bread...YUM.
Kim, I loved your version of Egg Salad...I need to write down the special list of ingredients!
Cleo, thank you for all the puppy kisses throughout the day, all the cuddling, and just your adorable personality.
Bruce, thank you for sharing your home, and your wife with me twice this week! I know your time home is valuable, and I appreciate your willingness to let us take some of that time to play!

You are wonderful friends!
I can't wait for that road trip you keep talking about .... you'll always have a place to stay when you come to Ohio! I promise!

Thank you for everything!

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  1. I'm so glad that you are getting to spend some time with your friends before you leave!! The house looks great...lots more room than a silly apartment...YAY! I am definitely looking forward to visiting this summer.

    See you soon...hopefully VERY soon ;)