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What a beautiful weekend.
The sun was shining. It was nearly 60* today! The birds were singing. The driveway is finally melting a little!
It was just a beautiful weekend.
We had a nice weekend. Dustin got home about 9:30 or so Friday night.
Saturday we did laundry, and picked up a snowblower off Craigslist for Dustin's dad.
I took a nice nap, and Dustin played on the computer. We were pretty lazy, but it was nice. We also visited Moomers...I love that they are finally open again (awesome ice cream!)
Today we just vegged around the house, Dustin packed up and headed out about 1:00.
I did a little sewing this afternoon, and Oakley and I went for a nice long walk (had to break in my new running shoes). Oakley had his ears back and his nose high in the air...I think even had his eyes closed a little, enjoying the warm sun! We both needed to get out, and really enjoyed this gorgeous weather!
Dustin has a couple of appointments set up to look at a couple of rental houses this week. Finally a couple more are available! I think I've mentioned before that the rental market in Lima is very one rents I guess. So, that has made it difficult for us to find anything. And, most apartments won't consider having a dog, especially one that is 100#. Anyway...because of this we have also been considering buying. Dustin has looked at many, many houses in the past three weeks, and we've found a couple that we are interested in. Still not sure which route we'll be taking...BUY or RENT, but we are keeping our options open.
Please keep us in your prayers this week as Dustin checks out these new rental homes...we'd really like for one of them to work out!
Dustin is loving his new job though! It's a great fit for him. His co-workers are great, he enjoys what he's doing, it's 7:30-4:00 and he's done...and the company has been so good to him, and to us. We are so thankful for such a wonderful opportunity!


  1. Are you going to start running? It's lots of fun (I've got Beth hooked, now!)

  2. Hannah May, I've been pretty lax in my couch to 5k not running at all. :) But Mom and I took a long walk yesterday morning which was nice. :)