nearly soaked

Oakley and I went for a four mile walk around the "block" today....about half way thru our walk the sky got really dark, and it got windy, and started to sprinkle. What do you do when that happens? You can't turn around because it's just as far as continuing on the path you're already on. You can't stop at your friends house up the road, because you don't know anyone yet. You can't hide under a tree...because, well...there just aren't that many trees around. So, you just keep walking. I was lucky, about 30 minutes after we got home, the thunder started rolling and the rain started pouring! I made it home with only a couple sprinkles on my head!
The meter reader came today....

Oakley was not pleased. I'm thankful that he's gaurding me though...even if it is from the upstairs bedroom window.
Two more layouts completed...

And, just a little bit more organizing done.


  1. Your place looks great, and so do your layouts!

    Rain, rain go away. Hannah wants to go out and play. . .

  2. LOVE the layouts!! I love your use of COLOR. Oakley is too cute. :) Nice to see you are set up to scrap!

  3. Beautiful layouts...and dog! I so wish I had a special room to craft in! Enjoy your new place. It sounds wonderful.

  4. HAHA! That's right behind the old house next to Mom and Dad. I know those tulips ANYWHERE...I miss the orange ones.