I decided to play around with a couple of these pictures from yesterday....I think the "old photo" look kinda makes our house look Amish, don't you...with the exception of the power lines, and the pig in the back yard!

The back of the shed obviously needs a little attention...but, I just LOVE my clothes line, it's working great, and I really gave it a workout yesterday with all the linens I had on the line...including a king sized down comforter that started out wet. It was a real comedy act, I'm sure, watching me (one person) trying to hang up a king sized down comforter, wet, on a line, trying not to let it touch the ground on a SUPER windy day!

I love trying to catch Oakley and Dustin in pictures together...I know this picture is far from perfect...but, it's one of my favorites!

And, below...we have TULIPS! three red tulips! I would love to snip them and bring them inside...but, with only three of them, I'll enjoy them from the kitchen window!

Thankfully we got the lawn all mowed last's been cold and rainy all day today!


  1. I could "feel" your post as I read it. Those things make my heart feel good as well..hanging sheets on the line, something in the oven, flowers popping up to surprise me, and an appreciation of all things basic. Life doesn't get much better than what we already have outside the back door, does it?

    Great your writing!!

  2. I love clothes lines...the closest I have is a zip line tied up for the dog. But I do hang things on it.

    My dad made a really nice wooden set for my mom last year and I'd like to convince him to make me some. I have a feeling he'd use the argument that if I moved in next door I could use Mom's. (My family is always trying to convince me to move closer :0) )

    Your new house looks lovely!

  3. love the black and white!! very nostalgic! And does look Amish!

  4. Wow! You even have a horse on your Amish farm! Oh wait...that's just Oakley. :) Very cool pictures.