just checking in...

we live in ohio.
we are not buckeyes.( i wish people would stop saying that! )
most of our boxes are unpacked.
we have so much paper and cardboard surrounding us!
our new home is wonderful!
our neighbors are very nice!
our landlord is great.

our home is surrounded by fields on three sides.
we can watch the sunrise and the sunset.
we have a great yard for Oakley to play.

the supermarket is only five minutes away (as is sam's club)
we found a great ice cream place only a few miles away (it's no moomer's...but, it will have to do!)
it's spring here (except today!) the trees are budding and spring flowers are starting to bloom!

i will be posting pictures soon...and giving more updates as I have them!

have a great week!


  1. Glad you're settling in so well! :)

  2. Hannah, so glad you are there and getting "settled in". Can't wait for photo's!! Talk soon :) leah

  3. I sure am glad you're not a Buckeye now that you've moved down there! I don't think we could be friends anymore if that was the case! :) Glad to hear you are settling in.