a little peek.

The moving process...One big truck. Three guys: Jeff, Jeremy and Chris. Lots of boxes, lots of tape. Lots of packing, lots of moving things around. One place to sit where I wasn't in the way, one stressed dog that couldn't relax because the only place he wanted to be was in the way.

The unloading...only four hours versus eleven. The unpacking: now that takes a little time. I prefer to take it slow, one box at a time (except when Mom came to visit for a couple days...we knocked out a couple dozen boxes...no joke!) I've filled three boxes for Goodwill already, and there will be more to come...I'm really trying to pare back again...I'm trying to make life more simple and uncluttered.

Our kitchen:

I was baking cookies yesterday...YUM-MO chocolate chips. There are a few things I still want to do in the kitchen...but, the appliances are pretty new, and the cabinets are all new. (you don't always get that in a rental!)

Our extended Kitchen (AKA: the laundry room):

We have a nice big laundry room...which is wonderful...I have room for these storage shelves that we used to have in the garage...they are working great for the over flow kitchen stuff. The kitchen is great but there is little to NO cabinet space...especially for larger things...so, the laundry room and broom closet are working wonders!

The entry way:

I can not tell you enough how thankful I am to have an entry way! In all the places that we've lived...we've never had a spot like this (yes, I know it's a mess in the picture...but, give me a break here, we're still unpacking!) This space is awesome...a place to take off shoes and drop our keys and coats! The door on the right goes out to the two car attached garage, and the door on the left goes into a nice room that we haven't named yet! It's a catch all room right now...storing boxes and totes that need to be unpacked or just stored. We have my treadmill in there too...and that will stay....maybe an exercise room some day.

The Living Room:

Nothing really has it's place yet in this room...except the TV...which is huge...so, there is only one wall for it! we don't have a set place for our furniture yet, we're still trying things out....and oakley's bed (that big pile of blankets in the foreground that he can't sleep without...) is always moving...(yes, he's very spoiled)
The door to the right goes out into our nice sunroom....which we have our wicker furniture (from Aunt Bev) out there, and it looks great! I'm going to cover the cushions for the furniture soon...but, it's a cute room...and the sun shines in bright in the morning!

And, just because:



  1. Well I am thinking you are getting it all put together, I am so glad you guys like your new place and of course Oakley too Kim

  2. looks like a nice place! glad you are liking it so far. i was just thinking about the moves you guys have made and thought "they've been able to search a lot of different areas on Craigslist" yeah i actually had that thought roll through my head :)

  3. yeah steph...do you have any idea how broad of a craigslist search we can do now! Toledo, Columbus, Indianapolis...not to mention that Lima is pretty big too! It's pretty awesome! Dustin picked up a riding lawn mower off CL already! And, now he is selling his wheels and tires (the 20's).
    CraigsList is AWESOME!

  4. Looks great! Just taking it one step at a time is always the best idea. And I love that first shot of the cookies! Gorgeous!