the olde thyme pantry

I don't think words can really express how excited I was to find this place yesterday! I'm a big fan of the Amish store in Clare, MI. When we moved to Ohio, I was so bummed that the only time I could stock up on supplies from there now, was if Mom came to visit and did my shopping for me!
BUT! That isn't the case now! I stopped in to the Olde Thyme Pantry yesterday, after visiting Hobby Lobby. We had passed by it when we were down looking at houses last month (before actually moving here), and in my travels yesterday, I heard an add on the radio for the place....I was only a couple miles from, I decided to check it out, and I'm so glad that I did!
They probably had twice as much selection as the Amish store! I was able to pick up my rolled oats (for the granola that I'm making today) along with a few other things. I didn't need a lot since Mom had bought a lot for me just before Easter, but I'm so thankful (and blessed) to have this place so close now! They will recognize my face before long!
You can get anything from jams and rolled oats and wheat germ....chocolate candy and fresh made peanut butter, to bulk pretzels and pudding mix....herbs and spices to chicken base and a full deli!

Tell me that this isn't exciting!
Dustin got home from work and we mowed the lawn, picked up lots of stick and rocks, and got my clothes line up!
I made a fresh batch of laundry soap yesterday (and added lavender to it this time) so I'm actually looking forward to washing some laundry today! Weird...I know! But, I want to try out the new soap, and my new drying line!!!! Should be a good test today, it's going to be 80* and it's windy!

Happy Friday!


  1. I am envious! I want a store like that nearby! Where is the Amish store in Clare? I have never gone! I would love your granola recipe!! Hope you are all settled in (it looks like you are enjoying your new home!!!)


  2. I feel so un-needed! :o(
    (sorry, for the guilt trip - just kiddin') Looking forward to checking it out soon.