it's time to get back into a routine.

there has been so much going on, and so many things that we need and/or want to do...that it's been easy to slack on some things!

i was able to finally get some tables up in my new craft room! just a few more touches, and lots of organizing...and, I'll have an awesome work space!

Dustin's mom and dad came to visit this weekend! They were wonderful company, and lots of help!
The D&D show cleaned out our shed, took out the MAJOR cement speed bump that was preventing us from driving in our lawnmower, and filled the hole in with some new cement. The shed looks awesome! They did a great job, and is nicely organized now!


see that pole on the right side of the picture?
That is a start to my new clothes line!!!! I'm so excited! A clothes line and a garden are two things that I've been really wanting, and I'm going to have both this summer! We have to wait for the pole to set up (or the cement, rather) but, once it does...we will add the clothes line, which will attach to the shed on the other side! It's going to be wonderful! We're getting rain right now, so it might be a couple days before we can finish it...but, that's okay...I can be patient!
Robin and I went shopping on Saturday too...and we found a great health food store, I was able to pick up some lavender oil to add to my laundry soap...I need to make a batch this week!
Yesterday while the guys were working on the shed...Oakley started dragging this stick around the yard....

Oakley is loving his new place. He's getting comfortable with the neighbors too...(oh, we have wonderful neighbors...Paul and Eloise, they live next door...and the second house down...Tim lives there....he invited us over to his summer bonfires that he has nearly every night!)
i promise to be on track with posts this week!
I have lots of photos to share.

have a great week!


  1. Lookin' GOOD! No pictures on the walls yet? Love your work space, looks like its getting to be "home".
    Love, Mom

  2. I *love* that craft space! All that sun light!

  3. Looks great Hannah May! I hate to tell you this...but the "stick" Oakley is dragging probably qualifies as a tree. :)

    Love you!