we have a lilac tree!

Our weekend was lovely!

We spent Saturday doing things around the house.
In the morning we went to the fairgrounds for Shipshewana on the Road. We were not really all that impressed. But, we did find a couple good things. I will post about those later!

Sunday morning we headed to Hillsdale, MI (hi Grandma and Grandpa!!!) to spend the day with Grandpa Dale and Grandma Madelon (Halleck).
We had a wonderful lunch, and did a few things around the yard...but, we really enjoyed the company! Thank you both for a wonderful day! We love you so much!

When we got home last night we did a few things around our yard. Moved the patio furniture to the front of the house...I think we'll move it again, but we are going to try it here for a week or so...we don't have grass in the back yard yet, so we are hoping that will come in soon, and then we are thinking of putting our furniture out there. We will have a better view, and more privacy back there.
While moving furniture, I noticed that one of the trees that we have in the back had purple blossoms all over it! I was hoping that this tree was a lilac, and it is! I am so excited to have my own fresh lilacs to clip and bring inside, which I've already done!
We also have a bush in the front yard, near the end of the driveway...it has bright pink flowers all over it...they look like wild roses...but, I'm not really sure if they are or not. The bush (which is huge) has some wicked thorns on it...so, that makes me wonder if it's some kind of rose. I'll have to do some research. Or ask the neighbors! Either way, it's pretty!
Oakley and I went for a walk this morning. I'm working on some laundry now, and will probably bake some cookies later.
I have some cleaning to do today, but that's about it.
Should be a beautiful day outside, so I'm sure that is where I'll be most of the day!


  1. Lucky you! Our lilac bushes are just starting to get leaves and little tiny buds!

  2. YAY!! for the lilacs.
    Great picture, too.
    Love you, MOM

  3. what an awesome springtime surprise! I love lilac! And your photograph is so lovely. :)