a blessed week

Mom is home from Israel, and she had a wonderful time, took lots of pictures, and has lots of memories! It was wonderful to be able to meet her at the airport with Dad, we are glad to have her home!

Dad filled a couple buckets for me while I was home too...with rhubarb, and chives! So, I transplanted those when I get home. I'm hoping that the rhubarb will come up next spring...I'm not really worried about the chives!
I was able to spend some time with Jenny and Sydney while I was home too! You can read about our wonderful visit HERE. Thanks for the great post Jenn! And, thanks for a wonderful breakfast! Love ya!

I was also able to spend some time with Al and Renee! Renee and I caught up on our "garden talk". It is so much fun for me to hear all about her experiences and what she is planting, what she would do differently, what she likes, and how she does things!
Al took this picture of her poppies with his new camera! Very cool photo! We were able to talk a little about photography, which totally motivated me to get out and take more pictures, without using "auto". I have yet to make that BIG step...but, I will, I promise!

I came home on Saturday morning. Dustin had gotten a truck load of mulch, and then took me to get flowers for our front flower bed! He found a very nice nursery while I was gone, they had beautiful flowers! He actually found the place while he was looking for somewhere to get a Magnolia tree for my birthday (which is beautiful, by the way!)
So, all the flowers are planted, and the mulch is down...our place looks nice, I think.

Tuesday was my birthday. I have had such a wonderful birthday "week"! I spent an evening with Mom, Dad, Al, Renee and Grandpa! Al and Renee got me a wonderful new gardening book that I'm reading cover to cover! Mom and Dad got me some beautiful new mixing bowls (seriously, BEAUTIFUL) and some Fiesta Ware to add to my collection! I had two packages (thank you Kim and Jenny!) and a card come in the mail (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Halleck). Flowers delivered (thank you Joe and Marilyn!) Emails, lots of emails! Phone calls....and lots of Facebook messages! Thank you all so much, you have really made my "week" special!

The past couple of days I have been doing some canning. I have canned pickled asparagus, and vidalia onion relish.
I planted a couple more flowers and some tomato plants (in hanging baskets).
My salad garden is growing more and more, and my sunflowers are starting to come up!
We cut down a few more trees (okay, lots more) in the back yard, and it's looking more and more like a yard all the time (with the exception of the giant piles of brush everywhere!)
I finally got a couple of things hung up on the walls...and have plans to get some more things up soon!

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and such a perfect family. Thank you all for making my life so special! I love you!


  1. So glad that you had such a wonderful birthday week! You are very special to all of us and we love you so much!!!

  2. I'm filled with praise to God for giving us YOU!! and now Dustin, too :o). God, as always, did us good beyond our own imaginings. I love to hear of your home-y activities. You have a way of making regular work sound fun and exciting. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me bend your ear upon my arrival home and thank you for the wonderful treat of you being home. I love you, Honey...
    Glad you had so many birthday wishes sent your way.
    Love, MOM

  3. I love your blog - I think it ranks higher than Better Homes & Gardens for inspiration ;)

    I love the photo of your parents - your Mom looks so happy to get her hands on your Dad!!

    I'm completely envious of your rhubarb & chives...best of luck to their growth.

    Please keep blogging!! I need all the inspiration I can get around this house :)

  4. Happy belated birthday blessings Hannah! I am sure you had a wonderful day! So happy your mom is home and that you had such a good visit with them. Michigan sure misses you!!