a day in hillsdale

we've been busy cutting more trees down, burning brush, cleaning up the yard, cutting up wood, staying clear of poison ivy...all that good stuff!
I've been having fun watching my garden grow, and it's growing quickly now! we will be having a home grown salad any day now!

We have these beautiful pink roses that came up this year...and some yellow ones that will be blooming any day! They are beautiful!

We took a trip to Hillsdale today to visit Grandpa Dale and Grandma Madelon. Laura and Jeff met us there too!
They took us on a little road trip to the cemetery where most of the Halleck and Powers families are buried. We also drove by the houses where both of them grew up, and the spot where their school use to stand. It was interesting hearing some of their memories. (Thank you both of sharing that with all of us!)

When we got back to the house we took a ride on the boat!
It was such a beautiful day today, it was so nice to be able to spend the time together, outside, in the sun!

the water is a little high right now, so going under the (already low) bridge was a little tight! we had to all sit on the floor and fold our seats up to make it under!

Thank you for such a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Cookies look really yummy. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Love the close-up picture of Dustin and seeing you in his glasses. Cool. Our Sunday afternoon was at the Great Lakes Bowfishing Championship. Ahh, the smell of a million freshly bloated carp. Only got a little slime splattered on me. Love you ~ Mom