We are the Planteers....

Okay...not really...and, that was kinda stupid...but, we did have a fire today (burning all the brush that we've been cutting down), and it was windy...and it did rain....

we made sure we promptly washed all clothing after cutting wood today...trying to avoid more poison ivy. and, now knowing what it looks like, i'm really surprised that i didn't get it even worse than i did!
dustin did a little organizing in the garage, i trimmed down all the daffodils...and we just putz around the house today.

and, awesome radishes, and lettuce, spinach, and chives, oregano, and basil are all growing great!!!!!! i can't believe how fast things are coming up in my new salad garden! i'm having so much fun watching it!


  1. Your garden looks great! Just think how wonderful those salads are going to taste!

  2. I love your little clothespin holder (at least that is what I think it is in the first picture)!!

  3. Ooh! I hope you don't get any more poison ivy! Mom parked us in a patch of it this weekend...and when I stepped out of the truck a piece went up my pant leg! So I'm hoping I don't get any either!

    Have fun with your garden!

  4. There is nothing like hanging out clothes on a clothesline. I do all the time, and people ask me all kinds of questions. Your garden looks great. I would have killed it all by now :)
    Blessings~~~ Danielle