Happy Birthday Oakley

Sunday was Oakley's 4th birthday!
So, in dog years he would be 28....that makes he and I the same age for one week...silly huh!
We got Oakley the best birthday present EVER. We finally installed his underground fence! (more of a gift to D & I!)
We have AWESOME landlords (and they have a wonderful son!)
Luke (Tim and Karla's son) brought over Tim's trencher to help us put in the cable for Oakley's fence. What would have taken Dustin and I a couple days to do with a shovel, he did in less than an hour!

How blessed are we! (I made him cookies, and he was SO thankful...he loves cookies!) I just can't even tell you how awesome it was that he did that for us though!
Once we went back around and stomped on the ground to make sure the cable was all in deep enough, Dustin got the wires all hooked up and we were good to go.
We got the collar on the pooch and walked him around the property to show him where the boundaries were (just a note: Oakley has had this fence and collar before, so we had hopes that he would remember how it worked) The first time his collar beeped...he knew EXACTLY what to do! He sure did make this job easy on us!
So, today he tested his boundary line a couple of times, but never ran off, and never crossed it! This is going to be so wonderful! I was able to leave him outside all day today (which he loves), and he could lay in the sun, and wander around...and I never had to yell at him to get back into the yard!
I can work in the yard and garden without having to look for him every five seconds! It's awesome!

We weeded one of the flower beds today. I have three rose bushes in the back of the house that are getting buds!
I planted my sunflower seeds today too! Four different varieties! I'm excited about them! I really hope they all grow and bloom...I'll love having the fresh flowers to cut in the late summer!

My neighbor friend, Elouise brought over a box of plants for me today too. She brought a couple ground covers, Hens and Chicks, and Shallots. I got them all planted and a nice big drink of water tonight!

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors! She is so friendly, and giving. I can't wait to get to know her even better!


  1. Your "Snippets of Life" make me smile!!
    SOrry about the poison ivy! Ugh!!
    Happy B-day Oakley...may he grow old with you! :)

  2. Hi Hannah! Just read about Oakley -3 years ago!!
    Oliver pulls me like an Iditarod?spelling sleigh dog!

    Good to have the new fence!!! :):)


  3. Hannah I just love Oakley! I had no idea he was a dog until I thought "why would her son need an underground fence" hehe! I have a son and daughter, Jake our 5 year old Jack Russell and Gracie our 6 year old Schnoodle. They are such blessings to my heart. We rescued both of them and I'm so thankful that God sent them for us! Take a look at my blog and you'll see them!

  4. Happy Birthday Oakley! Love you buddy!

  5. Happy Birthday Oakley!! That fence DOES sound like the best birthday present. :)

    (And in other news, sorry I've been MIA for so long. But I'm back now, and hoping to "see" you more soon!)