just a quick update...I need to get outside soon, it's too beautiful to be sitting in here on the internet any longer!
These are the delicious pickled grapes that I made last week. The turned out wonderful!

My Saturday garage sale find.....so, now what do I do with it? any ideas? i'm thinking a planter of some sorts?

Sunday we went for our first mountain bike ride since last fall. The day was beautiful, and perfect for a ride....but, with constant rain the previous four days, the trails were a little sloppy. They claimed that this trail drained very well...but, in my opinion, it was in a swamp...and was quite muddy...so, getting off our bikes over a dozen times on our ride, that was kinda a pain! We had a good time though.

In other news. My mom is on a plane right now. Headed for Detroit, then NY, and then Israel. Please, Please, Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for the next couple of weeks!


  1. I will definitely keep your mom in my prayers. What a fantastic trip to be able to take!

  2. I had no idea your mom was going to Israel...what's the occasion? I will surely keep her in my prayers while she is away.

    Have a good day!
    lots of love,

  3. Hmmm, have never tried pickled grapes before! Yay for the great weather and I hope your mother's trip goes smoothly!

  4. Those grapes are beautiful! I am sure they are yummy too!

  5. she will be in my prayers also! I hope it is a good trip!

    grapes sound VERY interesting....:)

  6. Hi Hannah! Thank you for signing up for the Plum Star Search at Vintage Plum. :-) I can't wait to get to know you! I love your blog!

    Jenny Bessonette
    Vintage Plum

  7. looks like fun! I will definitely keep your mom in my prayers...

    -Crystal B. (from scripture scrappers)

  8. hey girl! Glad to see you over at VP! I love your blog banner! Too cool! Talk to you soon!
    VP Designer

  9. Love your garage sale find! I think it will look great as a planter.