3 Cherry Limes

Today I go to Houghton Lake and meet with two of my favorite people!
Deb and Kim and I are meeting at Arnie's for a little shopping, and a good cup of coffee/tea and some catching up!

I kept myself busy last week on a couple little projects for the girls!

You see, when we found out that I was moving to Ohio, we decided to start our own scrapbook kit club. Each month we send a kit to someone else (one month I'll send one to Kim, the next month to Deb), and they do the same...so we each get a kit every month! It's so much fun to look forward to a package in the mail, and to open it up and be inspired, and feel creative!
On top of having scrapbooking benefits, it's a great way for us to keep in touch, at least monthly...but usually way more than that!

Last month, Deb had a great idea of giving our club a name (why not?!) All the online kit clubs that you can join have such fun names...and we wanted ours to be unique to us. So: 3 Cherry Limes (3 girls, Traverse City (cherry), Lime-a) Get it?
I just love the name...it's so fun!

Today will be the first time I've seen the girls since moving away!
And, I wanted to do something special for them, just because.

I made these little tote bags and filled them with goodies.
A little binder, for organizing scrapbook ideas
A packet of cards (Cherry Lime, of course!)
A few recipe cards
And the kit of the month (it was my turn to pass a kit on to Kim, but I threw a little something in for Deb too!)
we have a picnic and photo shoot planned after our shopping stop!
I should have lots of great photos next week!


  1. I LOVE the name of your kit club...what a great idea!!! You girls sure are creative. Hope you have a good time hanging out together!!
    Love ya,

  2. This is such a GREAT idea! It's stuff like this that makes me wish my "real life" friends were scrapbookers. So, so cute. :)

  3. Wow, those are two lucky girls!

  4. What a great day!! Thank-you for all the fun goodies Hannah. I feel like a queen tonight. You are wonderfully creative. Most of all, thanks for being such a great friend. I love spending time together. . . even if it's a rainy day picnic in the back of my car!