garden update : lettuce & onions | south beach | jog

This is the cleaned up goodies that Elouise brought over the other day....aren't they pretty! They taste pretty darn good too!
She left a big bag of apples on our doorstep today...I haven't talked to her yet to thank her.
In other news...
I started the South Beach Diet on Monday. I started it one other time...and I got thru the first phase (the first two weeks) and then I quit. I really wish I hadn't because it really was working, and I liked the results! So, I'm trying it again! It's perfect for this time of year with all the fresh veggies coming out!
I am also trying to exercise more often. Oakley and I are going for a walk/jog every morning, and I'm doing some other exercises as well (squats, push-ups, and sit-ups). It feels great getting more exercise and eating better foods.
So hopefully I can update you on this journey as I go (maybe that will help me stick to it!)
We were suppose to have a couple of loads of dirt brought in to level out our back yard, but they never showed up. Hopefully tomorrow, we are really looking forward to being able to plant grass sometime in the near future!

It was so hot today, I didn't even go outside after my walk. I turned the AC on upstairs, and played with fabric and paper! Very fun day!

Tomorrow they are calling for rain, so I will probably be hanging out upstairs again! I can't wait!

Off to watch a movie with Dustin...

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  1. We need to talk about the South Beach thing. I am on day 9 with a loss of 2#. Not good. Have fun in your play room!