garden update : radishes

We've been enjoying some lettuce and spinach from our salad garden already, and it's been fresh and yummy!
Today I picked the first radishes. I think I should have thinned them out a little more in the beginning, but .... now I know!

They were delicious on our salad at dinner tonight.

I have been learning a little here and there about gardening from my neighbor too. Elouise. She is such a sweet lady, always bringing something over for us!
In fact, she brought over some fresh onions and lettuce for us tonight...they look wonderful! She brought over some seeds for me a couple days ago, just some extras that she had, and offered them to me (in case I wanted to watch something grow! I think she notices that I'm always out checking my little salad garden, wishing it to grow faster!)
Yesterday, she did the sweetest thing EVER. She stopped me in the yard and said that she would like to offer me a spot down at their other garden next year. They have an acre of land only a couple houses down the road, and they keep it tilled, and it is wonderful soil. (they have sweet corn and pumpkins planted there this year.) I had mentioned to her that I was planning my garden for next year already, and trying to decide where to put it in our yard...but, now we won't need to dig up our yard! I would love to have my garden right out my back door...but, I also think that accepting her offer, and planting it down the road could save us a lot of work! Paul tills it up all the time, and keeps it looking really nice. I'm so excited!
You should see the garden they have in the back yard's beautiful! I took pictures of it a couple weeks ago:

Things are twice this size now!
Her and Paul both know a lot about gardening, and have offered to help me with questions any time I ask.
I'm so thankful to have such wonderful neighbors!


  1. That is very sweet of her!

    Those radishes look VERY tasty - I love radishes. I actually just thinned ours out Sunday afternoon...I hope they end up as round and yummy as those look!

  2. I am so envious of that open space! I would love to have a veggie garden. I rely heavily on farmars market, but I end up spending so much money there.

  3. Wow what wonderful neighbors you have, sounds like you couldn't have picked a more perfect spot, well unless it was 4 hours north in Michigan :) Kim