love my dog+birthday wishes

I wish I could really capture on film what it is like to have Oakley in the car with us. He is such a great traveler, he hardly ever needs to stop to go potty, and he usually sleeps the entire ride (which is nice for those 4 hour rides we have to see family now!) If the windows are down he either has his neck stretched out with his nose in the air, or he has his little black nose resting on the edge of the window with his outer lip flapping in the is hilarious to watch him thru the rearview!
We love our little guy!
on another note:

Today is my best friend's birthday!
I love you Jenny! You are an awesome friend, and I'm so thankful to have you in my life! (you have a package coming in the mail, but it won't arrive sorry it will be late...but, I think it will be worth the wait!) love ya!

Go wish Jenny a Happy Birthday today! HERE


  1. what a great pic of Mr. Oakley. It sure does make life easier when they're easy going travellers. :)

  2. i tried leaving you a comment earlier, but blogger was being a bugger...anyway, just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes (and from a few of your friends too)...i can't wait to see what you've sent me in the sure it WILL be worth the wait!
    love you,