thanks to my mother-in-law's scrap stash, and the stash of old sheets that I have...I had enough fabric lying around to make a couple patchwork pillows! I have been wanting to bring in some color to our living room, and some comfy pillow...and this did the trick! I'm looking forward to making a couple more (but, I need to raid someones scrap stash first! and looking forward to a trip to WB hopefully soon!) I was able to pick up some nearly new pillows at Goodwill, and I just re-covered them with my new pillow cases!
I only have $1 invested into each pillow! Pretty good deal, huh! Not to mention I smile every time I look at them...that counts for something!
Very fun, very easy project...I did both of them in just a few hours (most of the time spent was finding pieces of fabric that I had enough of!)


  1. Delightful! Would you be interested in creating some spark at our home? :o)
    Love ya,

  2. Hi Hannah!

    love the pillows --and the price!

    love, kelee

  3. I am so inspired by your creativity! I think your middle name is short for "Martha". How many times have you heard that one? :)

  4. Love love love your new pillows!