i really think that most of you are going to think that i'm totally silly, but mom insisted that i post this!

i bought a "soilsaver" (composter) with my birthday money.
yes, yes i did!
i LOVE it!
i am so excited to get some good humus out of it soon (or in two months, if i'm lucky). i realize that you can easily build your own compost bin. but, for me, it was more cost effective and just plain easier if i bought one. besides, sam's club had them at a really good price compared to all the ones i looked at on line. so, happy birthday to me! (i wish i would have bought two!)
that was my project today. i've had this beauty all put together for a week now, but just needed to decide where to put it. it's a big decision. do i want it near my future garden? or close to the house? well, i don't even know where my garden is going to be next year, so that makes it even harder to decide! so, where did it end up? on the south side of the house. i'm hoping that i'll be able to put the garden there as well. I really thought that things were going to end up on the north side of our shed, but as i've been pondering this decision for the past week, i think i'll be happier with every thing on the other side of the house! why? mostly because Oakley won't be able to get to it! that, and our garden hose hook up would be very close.
anyway. it's found it's home (at least for now). i added the base layers of leaves, sticks, and a little dirt, and then started piling on my compost....beautiful isn't it!

and, as you can see I've got a pretty good start to my pile!

hopefully next year i'll have enough humus to fill my salad bed, and maybe use in my garden too (see why i should have bought two.)
speaking of salads...

isn't it growing! it's really starting to fill out, i can't wait for that first fresh salad! i tasted a couple leaves today, and it's still bitter...i'm getting anxious though!

my parsley is finally starting to look like parsley!

and, a little more salad! the colors of green in this garden are simply beautiful!
on another note:
i finished my sundress today!
it fits, and it's completed. it's not perfect (okay, it's FAR from perfect) but it fits. and it's going to serve it's purpose. i wanted a dress that i could comfortably wear around the house, and this is it! i think i'm going to try and make another one in some different, fun colors!
i'll post pictures tomorrow!


  1. Okay so when do we get to see a pic of the sun dress, you are so talented I can hardly wait to see what you are working on from day to day, Dustin is so lucky to have you, love you Kim

  2. I'm with Kim, and would love to see your new dress. Your salad garden looks lovely and so does your birthday gift to yourself!! :o) That DID make a good post now, don't you agree?