the sundress

the front

the back

well, this is it.
I actually made the dress from a duvet cover that I bought at goodwill a few months ago (while still in T.C.).
I had high hopes that I would like it enough to wear out in public, and I will wear it to the grocery store, and farmers market...but, mostly just around the house. it should be nice and cool for these hot humid days that will be coming. it's far from perfect, a little big in some parts (which I know I can fix that...but, i'm ready for a new project!)
so, that's it! my first sundress (and I do plan to make more from the pattern...just gotta go shopping for some more fabric!)


  1. I love the dress! It looks so comfy!! Blessings and Hugs!

  2. Good job! Thanks for sharing. Have fun wearing it. It might even get warm enough here in Michigan today to wear it...mid 70's. Mom

  3. Good Job, make sure you take a pic when you are wearing it, hope you have a great weekend

  4. I *love* that you made this from a duvet cover. How very Scarlett O'Hara of you. ;)