a very special gift

a very special package came to me in the mail today

each item i took out of the box revealed another something special...

some new teas to try...a beautiful vintage table cloth, and some white vintage napkins

a fun scrapbook kit, from the exclusive 3CherryLime Scrapbook Kit Club (more on that later!)

and a fun picture frame, and I know exactly what to fill it with!

I have such wonderful friends!
Thank you Deb for such a thoughtful gift. You made my day, over and over and over again to day!
I did a couple "happy dances" today. Once when the mail man pulled in the driveway, once each time I pulled something new out of the box, and once again after I talked to sweet Deb on the phone!
I miss you so much! Thank you for thinking of me!

edit to add: the linens are all on the clothes line, drying in the breeze. I just enjoyed a nice cup of warm blackberry sage tea (very yummy), and I'm just as happy as can be!


  1. awwww...that was so sweet...you sure have some awesome friends :)

  2. I had just as much fun gathering the goodies and putting them together. Love the post. You are so much fun. Enjoy!

  3. That was so nice of Deb! You seem to find wonderful people no matter where you go. What a talent you have. :)

    I do have a little something I was going to send you before you moved out of TC...it's still sitting on my desk! Ha! I'll try to get it out to you before I move out of my house. :) hee hee...

    Have a super day!