family visit+catching up

we have actually been pretty busy the past week....and I have had plenty to write about...I just haven't really felt like typing! (sorry!)
Above are a few of my most recent layouts. I have some new goodies to work with, so I'm hoping to get some more done this week! I'm also hoping to make a sundress this week....keeping fingers crossed that I can follow a pattern! I picked out an "easy" rated pattern in hopes that I could remember what I learned way back in 4-H (that one year of sewing I took with Burl Brugger!) And, I'm hoping that I have enough scraps in my pile to make my dress, because I have no intentions of going to the store for more fabric! So, this could look interesting when I'm done! ;) I'm going to give it a shot though!
My mom and dad came to visit for a few days last weekend!

Molly is perched on the stool so she can see outside. It was just killing her that she couldn't see out any of our windows! She is so used to having a perfect view of the pond, woods, turkeys, deer, birds and squirrels at home!
Can you believe that I never got my camera out? I took this one with my computer...I am regretting that the Nikon never made it out of the case the past couple of days!
We had a really good time though. We hung out at the house the whole time. Mom and I worked on some family reunion stuff (I do the newsletter). Dad mowed our lawn (thank you Dad). Molly searched for the chipmunk that lives in our shed (he's still around Molly, we need you to come back!)
It was very relaxing, I was so glad that they came down! Love you guys!

Sunday, Dustin and I went down by Dayton to a couple different Mountain Bike Trails. (yes, we have to drive over an hour to get to any trails around here!)
The trails were great! The weather (in the woods, in the shade) was beautiful!
I'm sure we will be going back again!
My salad garden is really growing!
I hope to have some updated photos of that tomorrow!


  1. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for everything. You are a great hostess. Hope the sundress adventure is fun. Social interaction must tire Molly out, she hardly moved all the way home. :o) Have a great day. Love to you, Mom
    O, and I love the "Good Bye TC" layout. Very nice.

  2. I love the pic of the dog sitting on the chair that is great, I can't believe you didn't have your camera out either, I just love all of your pics and a peek into your life, thanks for sharing Kim