blackberries | wonderful neighbors

I've talked about Elouise quite a bit, but we also have wonderful neighbors across the road!
Adam and Stephanie have invited us over for Family Night, which we attended, and met some of Adams family, and had dinner with them. They came over to the Halleck Campout a couple weekends ago, and then they invited us over for dinner Tuesday this week. They are becoming friends, and we have enjoyed spending time with them!
They have seven acres, and it is FULL of wild blackberry bushes, and I was giving the go ahead to pick as many as I wanted!

I picked just enough for a pie, and that is what I'm working on this morning!

D's mom and dad are coming today for the weekend, and Laura and Jeff are coming tomorrow. I'm so excited to have them here for the weekend! to finish getting ready for company!

oh, and I'm hitching a ride back to Michigan with my inlaws! My mom and dad are going to pick me up around Bay City on Sunday, and I'm spending the whole week with them! I can't wait! I have a few plans with friends, but Mom and I are going cherry picking, and I hope to be of some help at the farm to prepare for the big reunion next weekend!

Happy Friday!


  1. Those blackberries look perfect! Sounds like you are gearing up for a great week!

  2. Those berries look maaavalous!! Enjoy the berries, the weekend and please remember to bring your cherry pitter home with you!! :o)
    Love ya, see ya soon ~ MOM

  3. You are always on the go, do you ever just stop and watch the world race by you???