a day with Amber

Amber came down Thursday night and stayed with us! Friday morning I went to an auction with her, south of Dayton. She has been looking at horse trailers, and there were a couple at this auction that she was interested in. I'd never been to an auction before, so it was a fun experience! Not to mention I got to spend the day with Amber, who we don't see nearly enough!
and....we came home to this:

Since I know that probably 99% of the people that ever look at this blog are women, I feel comfortable posting this!
I forgot to close the bathroom door while Amber and I were gone....and the little butt head dog that we have found my new box of tampons. Yeah. That's right. He'll probably be pooping cotton for a while now!

Why do I love him again?


  1. O oakley, it is a good thing Hannah loves you

  2. You made me laugh out loud Hannah, funny for me. Not Oakley or you...Connie

  3. I love the look on his face! Oops. I also love that you have a photo of him in this photo.

    My sister-in-laws cats did the same thing when she brought a date home one evening. Crazy animals!

  4. I agree with Jen! At least they were new! Britt used to do that to us ALL THE TIME! And she looked a lot like Oakley looks in that picture...hiding behind the couch saying, "I'm sorry!" :)