great find

I stopped into Good Will yesterday, and look what a found...

A new "old" tablecloth!
The white and red vintage one is my favorite, Mom gave that to me a few years ago, and I just love it.
My new one is the green, blue and brown one. I actually was looking for a new one for our picnic table, and I think this might end up being to big...either way, it was still a great find, for $1.99 I'll use it for something!
Today was cleaning day.
I got most everything cleaned and ready to go for the weekend (just need to clean the floors...but, that will be a job for Friday morning).
I'm so excited to see our friends this weekend!
Al and Renee, Jenny and Andy and Sydney, Preston and Marie, and Todd and Abby.....I can't wait to see each of them!
We haven't had rain for nearly three weeks....I just hope it comes before or after the weekend! :)


  1. Wow you got a bargain and having a whole full, how exciting??? I am sure you will be posting lots of pics!!!!

  2. I can't wait!! See you tomorrow!!

  3. I'm bummed that everything I wanted to do this summer all got scheduled for the same weekend! Hannah and Dustin's party, the Lawn Olympics, AND a wedding. The wedding wins out. Bummer dude. :)

  4. I am totally jealous of you girls with good luck at Goodwill. I can never find anything! If you're ever in Florida, you're gonna have to come teach me your secrets...

  5. Thinking of you being busy preparing for your FUN weekend. Knowing you, you will use 1/2 of the table cloth for a picnic and the other 1/2 will become a matching sundress. :o)
    I love you, MOM