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monday | 6.29.2009
monday was such a special day for me! I met two wonderful friends in Houghton Lake.
Deb and Kim came down to meet me from Traverse City. We spent the morning at Arnie's Craft Store, we had coffee/tea, and did lots of catching up...and, of course lots of shopping! We all left with bags full of goodies!

After our shopping trip, we headed to the park to enjoy our picnic! The weather didn't really cooperate! Our picnic started at a nice little table, near the lake...we hauled all of our goodies out, had the table set, and even had our salads made...then the storm moved in (of course it had been threatening to storm all morning, but we weren't going to let it stand in the way of fun!) You could see the wall of rain coming right at us across the lake!
So, we packed up all of our things and hurried back to the cars. Now, that is what we really needed a picture of! we had full plates and glasses full of iced, things never pack up as nice when you're in a hurry! But, who was going to take the picture when none of us had a free hand!

Deb opened up her vehicle for our picnic! It worked perfect! We spread out our things in the back and had the perfect picnic ever!
The funniest part...the rain never hit. That storm stayed right out on the lake! Ha. Figures!
Our tradition...a little photo shoot!


And, that is always fun! (can't you tell!)
We also exchanged our "3 Cherry Limes" July kits! Our theme, Cherry Lime, so you can imagine how much fun the kits were to put together and receive this month! They were all great!

Thank you, Deb! I love my kit!

Thank you girls for a WONDERFUL day! Miss you already!


  1. I just saw this recipe and thought of you and your fun get together!

  2. I am going to check out Becci's recipe. Thanks Becci!

  3. LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that every time you write "Cherry Lime!" I always think about the cherry limeade at Sonic. ;)

    Your car picnic looks perfect! I remember doing that as a kid once, and I WISH I had photos of it.