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wednesday | 7.1.2009

I love spending mornings at "home" with Mom and Dad.
Get up, whenever. Drink coffee or tea. Talk. Visit. Watch the deer and turkey's around the pond. Watch Molly go crazy over a squirrel. Visit some more.
It's perfect.
After our morning coffee on Wednesday, we headed out to the garden...Things had grown so much since my last visit!
Dad was working on setting up a net for his raspberries, and mom and I tried to get in the way while "helping" him.
The garden is beautiful!

Mom even picked some radishes for me to take home with me!

life. is. good.


  1. Life IS GOOD!! And we LOVE having you home. We picked 3 raspberries the other day and I need to check them out later today. Dad said that he noticed this morning the birds were perched around the netting and holding a conference. I asked him who was in charge of the conference...."The robins," he replied. That can only spell trouble! Better go check it out. The orioles are bringing their little ones to the feeder this morning...or at least trying to. The crabapple and birch tree are full of teetering and twittering. They are so funny to watch, always off-balance and awkward.
    Come home again soon,
    Love, Mom

  2. Awwwwwwww. . . Coleman.