Mom's Computer

Mom is so cute in this picture!
When they were here last weekend we took a trip out to find her a laptop computer!
She's been wanting one for SO long!
It will be perfect for her! She has so many projects that she is using her computer for right now, that she really needs to be portable, and NOW she is!
This should be helpful in her daily bible studies, preparing for the classes that she teaches, organizing all of her beautiful photos from Israel, and pictures to come, her pursuit in publishing a book, research, and SO many more things!
I'm so excited for you Mom, you deserve this...and it's way overdue!
Hope you LOVE it, and get tons of use out of it!


  1. She IS so cute. And, so productive!

  2. Yea for your mom! New computers are always new car exciting! :) And that I have one I'm a firm believer that they are the best way to go! :)

  3. I'm glad I will be seeing you soon. I have a pile of questions concerning said computer... I DO love it...I DO love it...I DO love it. (Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself? - sometimes computers can be that way!)
    I love you.
    p.s. I have "the signature formula" worked out. One page more to complete (partially done) and its-a-wrap!!

  4. What a great pic of your Mom, Dave and I are taking her Revelation class, should be interesting, maybe you should also write a book, I bet lots of people would buy it, Kim