passion tea + lemonade = perfect refreshment

have you tried the passion tea and lemonade at starbucks yet? well, i would say it's totally worth the $5 they charge you for this amazing drink, if I didn't know how EASY it was to make myself...and I've been enjoying them all week!
I first tried this drink last summer, and I was hooked instantly!

All you need:
Tazo Passion Tea
Lemonade (I use Crystal Light)
Sweetner (I'm loving Truvia right now!)

Add five tea bags to one quart of cold water and refridgerate over night.
In the morning squeeze the tea bags out and add to compost pile (or toss in the garbage)
Now you have a Passion Tea Concentrate.

Grab a nice large glass (thanks Mom, for those awesome antique glasses for my birthday, they are the perfect size!)
Add about a half cup of concentrate to glass with one singles packet of Crystal Light lemonade, and one packet of Truvia. Fill glass with water.
Add lots of ice.


I also make a concentrate with some of my other teas, and I just keep them in a quart jar in the fridge...they last at least a week or so. It's a great way to have a variety of iced teas whenever you want!

note: I will post a picture of my awesome glasses soon...I promise!


  1. You do so many cool things around your house! Reading your blog always inspires me to try something new. :)

  2. Yummm........I remember that drink! Thanks for working out the kinks in the recipe.

  3. Yum! That sounds tasty! I'm going to have to give that a whirl!