south beach update #1

well, it's been a full three weeks on the SB Diet. I'm still going strong, and haven't really cheated at all! I've been keeping up on my exercises too, although last week I got a little lazy...and, I skipped a couple days...but, I'm still doing pretty good I think. BUT...I don't feel as though I've lost any weight which is really frustrating to me...I've been so good at eating things on the plan, and getting in more than the recommended amount of exercise and I still don't feel like it's working. (I know that the diet works, I've done it before, and I have close friends that were successful with this diet too).

So, what's up?
What am I doing wrong?


our weekend was pretty quiet.
we cleaned out the garage, and it's ready to go for our little party this weekend!
lawn is mowed (or, the weeds are mowed!)
we had a couple naps, which were GREAT!
went to church.
had a couple bonfires.
did a little shopping.

that's about it.
nice and quiet.
just how we like it (most of the time!)


  1. Hang in there girl! It will start to come off! I recently joined WW again. It is working pretty well so long as I keep track of what I eat...and don't eat Carny food and beer like I did at the Sugarland concert this weekend. :) You know it works. Just keep at it!

  2. Yes trust me I understand on the whole weight thing, I have been trying also and seeing no results but we must keep moving forward, I am with you!!!!!!!!! Kim

  3. Hi Hannah!!

    Its o.k. to still send in your scarf pic!! It will till count and you earn your donation!!!

    Keep at your diet--mine is FINALLY working!