garden goodness

we stepped out the door this morning to go for a walk and had a nice big box of garden goodness waiting for us! Elouise must have been out in the garden late last night (she often is) and brought us over a big box full of yummy veggies!
we have:
3 peppers
6 ears of corn
4 zucchini
3 eggplant
4 yellow squash
9 green tomatoes
19 ripe tomatoes
2 cucumbers

Today I...
*froze 5 bags of zucchini (for bread this winter!)
*canned 7 pints of salsa with all those yummy tomatoes!
*froze another 2 quart bags full of diced green peppers
*have 5 trays of apples in the dehydrator (when I went to town for some hot peppers for the salsa this morning, apples were on sale, and they just sounded SO good...I couldn't resist!
we had a nice weekend too. nothing too exciting though. saturday we burned some more brush, and D cut down another tree. we made a trip to sam's club for a couple things, grilled some steak, and i made a tomato casserole.
i went to church on sunday, D washed his truck and cleaned up the garage a little. we went to ottawa metro park (about 15 minutes away) and took oakley for a nice long walk. it was an amazing day, the weather was perfect!
i made a couple loaves of bread when we got home, and we just had some leftovers for dinner.
like i said, nothing to exciting...but, it was a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! What a great gardening neighbor you have!! Sounds like you two had a perfect weekend...nothing to pressing to do, just relax and enjoy each others company.
    Miss you!

  2. You are going to be set for the winter months with all of the harvest you have put away this summer, Hannah! (and what an awesome neighbor you have in Eloise!)

  3. I think you may be opening a market this winter, or maybe feeding the homeless,or hungry visitors.

  4. Holy cow! That's a lot of veggies to eat or freeze! What a fantastic neighbor!

  5. What an awesome friend you have there next door!!