last monday | furniture shopping with tara lynn


Tara took the day off of work last Monday, and we spent the day furniture shopping!
I had so much fun!
I had more fun catching up with Tara than anything else, but testing out all the couches and chairs for her new place was fun too! It's so interesting to see other people's styles! Tara, the furniture you picked out is going to look great in your place! (you can read more about the shopping trip HERE)

We picked up a pizza and headed to Chantel's place around 6:00 or so....I got my hair cut!!! YAY!! And spending time with Chantel was way over due too!
I tagged along to the softball game (which we won't even talk about how bad they got mercied!.) Either way though, it was fun! It brought back lots of memories being on those diamonds....I sure do miss playing ball! I need to look into a team around here!
We went back to Chantel's after the game, she finished cutting my hair, did my eyebrows, and we visited LOTS more!
Laura came over too! YAY! I haven't seen her in forever!

Thank you girls for an awesome day! Miss you!

Nothing much exciting happening today.
Mowed lawn.
Catch up on blogs.

That's about it!

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