last tuesday | blueberry picking

Last Tuesday morning, Mom and I headed over to Grandpa's to do a little work around the farm, just to help get ready for the reunion.
After leaving the farm (and picking a few fresh cucumbers from the fields that they were starting to harvest) we headed home for lunch. Fresh cucumber sandwiches! YUMMY! One of my favorite summer treats!
Our next stop. U-Pick Blueberries!
There is a place just a couple miles down the road from mom and dad's that has always had U-Pick Blueberries, and it had been awhile since I'd gone...I'm so excited to have a nice big bag of berries in the freezer to snack on! We picked 10 pounds between the two of us...and probably ate about 2 pounds while picking!

I got cleaned up once we got home and then headed to Midland to see Ryan and Lori and Porter! It's been forever since I've visited them! Porter is one already!
He's getting so big, and he's starting to walk...what a cute little guy!
Thanks, Ryan and Lori...for dinner, and entertainment!


  1. Sounds lovely. Sighhhh. . .

  2. So, what does a cucumber sandwich consist of??