last wednesday | friends + cherry picking

What a full day of fun last Wednesday!
Mom and I headed to Traverse City at about 7:30 in the morning and met up with Deb and Kim at Creative Expressions (where Kim works) at 9:30 for breakfast, and lots of chatter!
My friends are so creative, and they both brought things to share! Deb and Kim are both working on some really fun mini-albums, and it was so inspiring! Infact, I'm hoping to create all day today (between loads of laundry!).
Breakfast was wonderful! Kim's little shop smells so good as soon as you walk in the door! I think I would gain about 20 pounds if I worked there!

We followed tradition...taking a group photo while together!
There is a tattoo parlor a couple doors down from Creative Expressions...and that is where we posed! Why? I have no idea! It's fun to not have a reason though!
We also exchanged our Kit Club Kits! We are having so much fun with this Club!
Girls...Mom, Deb, and Kim....I had so much fun Wednesday morning! Thank you for a GREAT time!
Mom and I left and headed to Moomers for some ice cream! You can't really visit TC with out going to, we did! It was kinda on our way to our next stop!

We picked for about 2 hours...filled two big coolers FULL to the top, along with a couple extra buckets! LOTS of cherries! But, we have plans for them!
After our Cherry Adventure, we headed back into town to meet Marilyn! We met up at a smoothie place that her and I always use to enjoy, and then went back to her place and enjoyed some visiting in her back yard in the gazebo! It was a perfect day...even as far as weather was BEAUTIFUL!

I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends!
I miss them all so much, and I miss them even more after spending time with them!

Thank you all for another day full of memories!


  1. Hannah! You're an excellent photographer! Those cherries look like I could pick them right off the computer screen! (And I wish I could! LOL). I love cherries....and'm guessin' you'll be making jam and jelly?

  2. I have a good cherry jam recipe on my blog (in case you haven't seen it yet!) and another one for cherry pie filling. If you have a recipe for cherry jam that you use that is different I'd love to get it from you!!