life is

life is good.
***************************************************************************************today i...
finished up making plans for next week! i'm so excited to be going to traverse city to see my friends again! (forget me not scrapbooking is closing their doors, and i'm so sad about that...they are a wonderful resource, and i've made SO many friends from working their...but, it's happening. and, debbie is throwing a party on monday for some of the customers! i'm looking forward to seeing some old friends!)
i'm also spending some time with marilyn.
and some more time with deb and kim!
my mind is just going crazy with excitement!
so...that being said:
today i...
made dustin's lunches for next week (he should be all set for all week)
made dustin's dinners for next week.
made mini blueberry peach pies so d has snacks to go with his lunches.
made pizza for dinner.
spent lots of time talking to marilyn via emails trying to plan a digital album!
worked on a couple of layouts
started packing.

it's been a really busy day for me...and it seems so much busier since my mind is going a million miles an hour!

it's a good day though.
and, it's a good life!


  1. I really like that LO in the picture! and your good life post!

  2. well it sounds like you are all set to go..have a good time..can't wait to hear all about it...;p

  3. have fun and say hi to TC for me ;)

  4. How do you prepare a wheeks worth of lunches a week ahead of time? Are they frozen leftovers or something? Maybe you can give me a sesson next week.
    I am excited!