michigan hillbilly.

i am a michigan hillbilly.
or, at least that is what paul and elousie said!

i was visiting with them in their garage yesterday, and we were talking about okra.
I've never had okra. never tried it. never cooked it. never nothing!
anyway...I said I was willing to try just about anything, and I'd love to learn...that's when E said..."you're a Michigan Hillbilly, aren't you?!?".
I laughed.
How could I NOT laugh!
"I guess" I said..."why do you say that?"
E : "oh, you're always making something, or doing something different."

I just smiled.

I love my neighbors!

Now, she would probably flip out if I told her how "hillbilly" I really am...(although that probably isn't the word I would have used until yesterday!)
She has no idea that :
I've been canning and preserving.
I make my own laundry soap.
I'm researching anything and everything I can find on homesteading right now.
I love crafts. (scrapbooking, crocheting, tatting, sewing)
And, the list could go on...but I really don't want to scare everyone else away either!


I made my first set of coasters yesterday (above.)
And I completed five scrapbook pages yesterday!
a productive day, indeed!


  1. Well, if she knew you were from Coleman she wouldn't have had to ask if you are a hillbilly. :) Hillbillies drive big green trucks right? ;) Love you...hillbilly and all!

  2. Seriously??? You've never had okra??? I love that stuff...esp. fried...okay, you gotta try some, Hannah!

    And I haven't heard anyone say they tat since I was a little kid! My great grandmother was the last person I ever knew that did lots of tatting. I'd love to see some pictures of your work!

  3. Okra? We live too far north for that. I've never had it either. I'll have to ask out friend Kim if she would fix some someday.

    I envy your productivity!

  4. Well, at least you're a cute hillbilly, right? :)

  5. My grandma Sayers was born & spent her childhood on the hills of Tennessee, she calls herself a "hillbilly". I'm quite fond of that title myself.
    You are a very cool hillbilly!

  6. Tatting? You actually KNOW how to do that? That is impressive. I don't know if you're a hillbilly or not, but you certainly have a passion for many things. There is nothing wrong with that!