apple sauce, apple pie fi:

An apple a day.........

or more like 150 apples today! Remember all those apples I got this last weekend? Well today was they day to pay them a little attention.
I with I had pictures to share, but it was pretty dark in the house today. It's been cool and windy all day, and looks like rain still! Infact we lost power last night because of high winds. Luckily we got it back at 7:30 this morning so I could get those apples cookin'!

So, what did I end up with?

13 quarts of apple sauce
6 quarts of apple pie filling
2 pints & 3 half pints of apple jelly
5 trays of apples in the dehydrator
5 granny smith apples left to make Dustin his Apple Kuchen pie in a couple days
about 2 dozen apples left for some more crock pot apple sauce in a few days.

That's it....I'm using every one of them! The house smelled wonderful today too!


  1. yum...that all sounds divine. I imagine your house smells wonderful about now! That is a lot of work..;p

  2. MMM...sounds great Hannah! So you make your own apple pie filling and can it? Could I get your recipe for that?

  3. DID get alot out of those apples. You have been so productive, what is on the agenda for this afternoon? A time of rest? Love you,

  4. MMMMM....sounds yummy! How lucky were you to find apples for 10 cents a piece!! The kids have been asking to make homemade applesauce so we may just have to try it too.

  5. I am baking pumpkin apple bread right now. No canning yet though. I paid $5 for 5 apples the other day! They are called Sweet Tango, and they are wonderful,but not for canning. I'll have to hunt down a bargin for that. Good job today.