I was checking my email this morning and just lounging with Dustin (as we do most Saturday mornings!) when I decided it was time to bake a cake. I've been wanting to make a chocolate zucchini cake all summer, just haven't taken the time to do it! I have a recipe from Dr. Zemens (the dentist I used to work chairside with....I really miss that job, and those girls!) Anyway...her recipe is WONDERFUL! But the last time I made it I didn't cook it long enough, this was like 3 years ago...and, I've been meaning to make it ever since!
So, I got out my recipe, and started to gather the ingredients. I'm out of chocolate chips. So, it worth the quick trip to the store for cc's so I could make the cake....Off we went. Dustin and Oakley and I...up to Ray's, the local grocery store, for chocolate chips.
Ray's was having a tent sale today! They had a big tent set up in the parking lot...FULL of hay bales, corn stalks, pumpkins, apples and some other fall things! Apples.... 10 cents each! I was so excited! Dustin just laughed at me! We ran inside, bought our chocolate chips, and then headed out to the tent to pick out some apples. I got 60 of them. Then, got about half way home and started thinking that I should have gotten more! At only 10 cents each, I could make apple sauce and can it...which I've been wanting to do, just didn't want to pay $1.99 or more a pound for apples. So, I turned right around when we got home and went back for more! I have 150 apples total, which ended up being two over flowing blue reusable Meijer bags. I'm not sure how much apple sauce I'll get, but I'm hoping for at least 6-7 quarts. We'll see.
So, right now:
A crock pot full of apples cooking down for apple sauce (not to can, just to eat fresh for dinner, on pancakes!)
A chocolate zucchini cake in the oven with about 20 minutes left to bake.
Two huge bags of apples waiting for me until Monday.
Dustin re-organizing the garage and adding some recycling bins (we found a place to take our recycling!!)
Oakley pouting in the garage because Fed-Ex dropped off the part we've been needing for his invisible fence! Good for us, bad for him. He hasn't left the garage since we put his collar on! Crazy dog.
What a wonderful Saturday, and it's only 1:00 p.m !

Happy Day to you!


  1. Your home must smell so...."homey"!Poor Oakley. Would you give him a message from Molly?: "Dude, quit poutin'. Seriously, there are worse things than e-collars. Like, not wearing one and learning all about skunks. 9-10 baths in freezing hose water, totally NOT cool. OK, GOTTA RUN!"
    Love you guys.

  2. sounds like a great day! I am going to be making some apple butter and canning it tomorrow, can't wait! Miss seeing you post over at ScrapFreak!

    care to share your zucchini cake recipe? sounds delicious!