digital handywork

keeping busy today...

ran out to pick up a couple things from the store.
made some rice krispy treats, and granola bars for this weekend.
made two nice big corn stalk arrangements for the front door, and decorated them with pumpkins! I LOVE fall!
picked a few fresh eat just as they are!
washed the sheets.
made mushroom burgers and popovers for dinner.
dust. vacuum. check.
get out the rest of my fall decor...I don't have much, but love what I have! (and my new quilt looks awesome with all the oranges and yellow and reds! LOVE it!
working on some more digital scrapbook pages for Marilyn! I think I've done 6 or so tonight.
here are a couple...

have a good night!

1 comment:

  1. Hey!!
    Sounds like you have been very industrious, but for you, that is merely a typical day :o). (I'm so proud of my daughter).
    Marilyn's layouts look fantastic! Love them both.
    What!! no pic of the popovers?:(
    What!! is there a typo? I mean seriously...Hannah MAKING MUSHROOM-anything for supper? Get out!!
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are going to Homecoming Parade/game tonight. Sarah is on court.
    Love, MOM