junk beautiful

One of my favorite books for inspiration right now is Junk Beautiful. I just love looking through it and getting ideas! They have a new Outdoor Edition out right now that I'm putting on my Christmas list!
So, a few weeks ago D and I went to Hillsdale to visit his grandparents. They have this wonderful little gold mine a mile or so away from home...

D and I had driven by here a couple times, and each time I expressed how much I wanted to stop someday! Well G&G must know me well, because this time when we visited they took us down the the Antique market!

Unfortunately they were closed. Which they never are, so that was disappointing, but I still had a wonderful time looking at what I could see over the fence!
I just know that there is so much there that I could play with! I can't wait to go back again sometime when we can actually dig around and touch things!


  1. I spy.... a blue glass jar in there that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on! lol what a cool place.....I love going on treasure hunts in markets like that!

  2. that looks like a little piece of heaven..;p

  3. Springfield is this weekend. It looks like May and September are the big ones!

  4. That big chicken quacks me up.