last weekend | family + car show + softball tourney

d's folks came down for a visit last weekend, and allen county fairgrounds was hosting a car show...guess where we (happily) spent saturday afternoon?

after the car show Robin and I went out and did a little shopping.
we had a wonderful saturday together.
sunday morning d had a softball tourney with work. there were 5 teams, all from american trim, that played each other...double elimination. d's team (red) lost their first game, putting them in the losers bracket...then, after five consecutive games, they won the championship! Defeating the reining blue team! Woo Hoo!!!
We had so much fun watching the games! Especially the championship game...that one was awesome!

I'm working this week. Feels good being back in the office (kinda)...but, I'm already looking forward to being home again next week!

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  1. Yea Dustin! Way to battle through the losers bracket!

    Chantel and I play Mark's team tonight...wish us luck! :)